Podcast #2: Doug & Janelle Choosing Mimuvi

Doug & Janelle discuss the benefits of Mimuvi and all the great features This podcast explains how to operate the Remove camera We also teach you about the mobile phone gimbal and its cool features The future of event videography is so fun and exciting!

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Podcast #1: An introduction to Mimuvi!

Doug M. is a Mimuv pro reaching out to the audience on many different topics.These pod casts help people understand the workflow and process that goes into film production. Ana will be assisting him with F.A.Q and a general overview of our awesome product line.

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Mimuvi 2019 K-1 The next film revolution

Shooting an amazing film does not need a major budget or tons of equipment! Mimuvi has taken all the guess work out for everyone and created a simple solution for people who want and need videos for many different reasons. Mimuvi offers packages that are portable and affordable packed with many great features that make it easy to create impressive films!

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Suburban collection Novi, Mi 1-17-2016

We had such an awesome experience at the Suburban Collection in Novi! ¬†It was so wonderful to see how many people were interested in MiMuvi, and being so excited about it! ¬†Everyone was so friendly and it's something that our team would definitely love to do again.the video that some clips we recorded while we were at the show!  

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