Lanse Cruese North Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations to all the seniors at Lanse Cruese North, This is the start of a new chapter in their lives. Mimuvi was able to create an awesome video for LCN students and their families! Buy a copy of the dvd on our site


Party Paradise promo

Our friends at Party Paradise rented the star package for the weekend of Valentines and got some great footage to show how cool their ballon designs are check this out! Visit their site at


Mimuvi’s purpose and meaning

This short compilation of events captured by our cinema kit shows you the power and simplicity of our all inclusive service. We want to give you a life filled of memories enjoy everyone!!


Our cameras are the best!Learn why.

This video explains the professional features and benefits our cameras have over others and some tips for the creative enthusiast. Professional audio,crisp images and professional attachments with some short and easy tutorials and your a pro!!


Brides to Be Show 2015

We had such an awesome experience at the brides to be show! It was so wonderful to see how many people were interested in MiMuvi, and being so excited about it! Everyone was so friendly and it’s something that our team would definitely love to do again. Check out some of the photos from the show and the video that we recorder while we were at the show!

Tips & Tricks Skater Dolly


Watch this video for techniques on using the skater dolly.

Tips & Tricks Stabilizer


Watch this video to learn techniques using the stabilizer.

Tutorial Tripod


Learn how to connect a tripod to the MiMuvi camera.

Tutorial Skater Dolly


Learn how to operate the skater dolly with a MiMuvi camera.

Zachary and Breanna Proposal

MiMuvi creates a high quality movie from special moments recorded by you. A proposal, honeymoon, or any special event can be an intimate experience. We remove the presence of a videographer. Enjoy the experience without an outsider, but still end up with a professionally edited movie.

Instisar Graduation

Using a MiMuvi kit, Intisar’s brother recorded her milestone achievement.
Next, our editors used the footage to create this awesome movie.

Handle Bar Tutorial


Watch this tutorial to learn how to attach a handlebar to the MiMuvi camera.